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Leon текст

Tamara Todevska - Proud. Michela - Chameleon. Anna Odobescu - Stay.

Текст песни Фильм "Леон киллер" - ЛЕОН

Duncan Laurence - Arcade. Сергей Лазарев - Scream. Ester Peony - On a Sunday. Serhat — Say Na Na Na. Darude - Look Away. Bilal Hassani - Roi. Roko - The Dream.

Sting - Леон- Киллер(одни из любимейших фильмов.Музыка-волшебство) текст песни

D-Moll - Heaven. Lake Malawi - Friend of a Friend.

John Lundvik - Too Late for Love. Victor Crone - Storm. He dealt the cards, as in meditation. And those with whom he plays, and did not suspect What he does not play to win And not because of vanity.

He plays to unravel The sacred geometry of chance Hidden law likely outcome, But this is - not an easy task.

I know that the peaks - this is the swords of soldiers I know that the clubs - a weapon of war, I know that diamonds - it is money for military purposes But it does not shape of my heart. He can go Knave of Diamonds Or lady peak. He can hide in his hand the king While all forgot about it. If I told you that I love you, You would have thought that something was wrong. And whoever says a lot, in fact, knows nothing And all know from bitter experience, As those who have too often cursed fate And who is afraid that all the chances missed.

This is not a shape, not shape of my heart, This is not a shape, not shape of my heart.

Leon - Leon

He deals the cards, as in meditation. And those he plays never suspect He plays to win And not because of vanity. Tes im ser aysor Es im ergov em patmum Kuzenai lineir im koxqin U lineir im srti taguhin Kuzenai vor sevuk achkert Arcunk chtesnen Kuzenai parveir im krcqin.

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